Welcome to Jitterbugs Inflatable Rentals

To our loyal JITTERBUG customers and to those of you who are visiting for the first time—Welcome! We take great pleasure in offering you a selection built on quality and unparalleled pricing. Best of all, we offer Boys and Girls the opportunity to have a Hip Hoppin', Bee Boppin', Bouncy time! We're happy to help make your special day exciting and memorable. Inflatables, Games, Slides and FUN Food Machines are the perfect entertainment for any Party, BBQ, Corporate Event, Family Reunion or Picnic.


Our inflatables are versatile with rain/shade convertibles tops that allow kids to play without having to worry about the rain or sun. Plastic or mesh windows provide maximum safety and clear visibility for supervisors. Our inflatables are thoroughly inspected and carefully maintained to ensure they arrive party perfect just for you!

Games & Fun Foods

You might be too big to bounce, but you're never too big to have FUN! Let your friends and family see your "Child-side". Our interactive games are perfect for the BIG KID in YOU! Challenging? Maybe a little! Entertaining? You bet! HAVE A BLAST at your next party, corporate function, family reunion, birthday party or wherever FUN and LAUGHTER are on the menu.

Slides & Obstacles

They're fast, wet and super fun. Run and slide down the inflated runway covered with water, with a wall at the end to stop you! Great for hot weather, and outdoor events.


Combo style bounce house is the ultimate in inflated jumpers.  Inspired by the traditional jumping castle these Combo Units offer a large jump area and multi play.  Extra activities may include a slide with convenient exit, a basketball hoop, and inflated characters.  Parents and spectators are offered a clear view through mesh net windows.  INFLATE the fun at your next venue with one of our Combo Units.

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